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PTchan is a Portugese bulletin board that began on December 16, 2010, then moved under new ownership on July 19, 2018. However, there isn't much to say about it, since the administration has mostly been anonymous and it doesn't have much of a history.



They started out at “” using Kusaba X on December 16, 2010, dealt with the usual server issues,1) and then it made the switch to Vichan on August 11, 2016.2) It managed to last until July 19, 2018 due to billing issues, meaning that their data would be destroyed. At that moment, their administrator believed it was time to pass ownership to somebody else as they didn't have time to manage it.3)


In August 2018, the website was revived at “ptchan.prg” and continued to use Vichan, then switched to the Vichan fork, NPFchan, but with their own modifications. Then on May 1, 2021, the website started using a new script called jschan, and claimed that an archive of the old website would be available by the end of the month then deleted forever.

List of Boards

This board list frequently changes, so this list may be outdated.
Any boards in bold text has survived since my previous check.

Note: This list was retrieved on 2024-05-22. It may have changed since then. Order by post count.


  • PTchan was initially represented by an Order of Christ Cross symbol from 2010 to 2018.
    • In 2018, the website adopted “Maria Marta Cunhel Guloso” (マリア・マルタ・クウネル・グロソ)4) from the Big Comic Spirits seinen manga, Kūneru Maruta, as their website mascot.
  • The “” domain was initially taken by a Brazilian, given that it had a 55chan theme,5) then it died as “” emerged. It was released in 2015, then PTchan took it in 2018.
  • “55animu” was an anime streaming community that first began on 55chan, moved to 8chan's /55tube/, then moved to PTchan's /55animu/ board and eventually merged into PTchan's /a/ board.
  • If you disable “local time” (hora local) under options, you'll see that PTchan generally follows the time for Continental Portugal and Madeira, which is UTC±0 (without DST) and UTC+1 (with DST).
    • Brazil does not observe DST (as of November 2019) and has four time zones. If you want to catch a “55animu” event, their timestamps are usually in UTC-3, dubbed “Brasília time” (BRT).
  • PTchan - The current website for PTchan.
Most of you are unfamiliar with Portuguese names, so I'll explain: “Maria” is her Christian name, “Malta” is her real name, “Cunhel” is her mother's surname, and “Guloso” is her father's surname.
"/b/ - Random". Old
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