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Nameemon (なめえもん) is a lightweight, stuffed toy slug that was owned by Kosuzu in Touhou Project. The stuffed toy slug appears in Forbidden Scrollery for one chapter and hasn't made another appearance since then, likely due to it being a one-time prop.



The item is a stuffed toy slug with “Nameemon” (なめえもん) etched on the bottom, and it's presumed to be lightweight as Kosuzu is able to run with it in her arms. It seems that the slug only has one color, but it isn't known what color the toy slug is since the pages are in black and white. Fans usually depict the toy having a warm cream or light cold color. It's unknown how the slug was created or where it came from.


The name seems to be a portmanteau of “namekuji” (なめくじ, lit. “slug”) with “-emon” (~えもん) which is often used as a nickname. While “-emon” is often attached to male surnames, it can also be used as a gender-neutral pet name and slugs are hermaphrodites anyways, so it probably doesn't matter anyways. It's possible for it to be a temporary name and the real name is etched elsewhere, but this seems unlikely.

Additionally, “-emon” (~えもん) is the hirigana form of “emon” (~右衛門), which can be used as a real name alone, an archaic name suffix (e.g. Goemon), shops, and so on. There's also a possibility that the name may be a spin on a book from the outside world, like Doraemon or something, so this name could've been influenced from that. However, most of this is just unconfirmed theories.

Appearances and Mentions

Slugs in Touhou Project

Touhou Kourindou (Curiosities of Lotus Asia)

In Chapter 19 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia, Rinnosuke explains about how three is a number that represents perfection and harmony when talking about the triangle mirror or prism, which is where he brings up the three-way deadlock between a frog, a snake, and a slug.1) He doesn't actually bring the three-way deadlock up in conversation with Reimu and Marisa though, so it isn't really relevant to the rest of the chapter.

Touhou Sangetsusei (Oriental Sacred Place)

In Chapter 8 of Oriental Sacred Place, the mushrooms (boletes) in the previous chapter disappeared. It's shown that Marisa believed that slugs left the boletes behind since she heard that snakes were afraid of slugs,2) which goes into how she believed that a slug had something to do with a snake turning into hundreds of mushrooms.3) The chapter ends with the fairies trying to replicate her theory and failing.

In the Print Works

Touhou Suzunaan (Forbidden Scrollery)

In Chapter 22 of Forbidden Scrollery, the previous chapter showed Mamizou scaring Kosuzu into thinking a snake capable of eating a human could exist in the Human Village since there had been a number of recent snake-related incidents. While Kosuzu considers living with slugs, it's revealed that she bought a stuffed toy slug instead.

The chapter shows Kosuzu offering the toy slug to the Moriya Shrine after the issue had conveniently stopped after people left offerings, though it was shown in the chapter that Mamizou actually took care of the issue herself instead. It isn't known what happened to the stuffed toy slug after this chapter.

At the end of Chapter 25, Kosuzu carries a bag of fortuneteller photos along with several toy slugs to burn due to the events of the chapter. These toy slugs seem to be smaller than the size of her palm and it's unknown if they're related to the toy slug she offered in Chapter 22 at all. In the Volume 4 book,4) there's an extra drawing of Kosuzu wearing a large slug outfit.


  • They should not be confused with the “sake bug” (酒虫, shuchuu), the “tsuchinoko” (槌の子), or the fan creation known “sanamekuji” (さなめくじ) where Sanae is depicted as a slug.
  • In a way, one could translate the name to “Sluggy” but this would mean altering what's etched onto it.
1) , 2)
This is a reference to Sansukumi-ken (三すくみ拳), an older version of Rock-Paper-Scissors or Janken (じゃんけん) that involve a frog, a snake, and a slug.
This is a reference to the “Hanashi Zuihitsu” (咄随筆, lit. “Miscellaneous Stories”) book by Morimasa Morita (森田盛昌) where a frog turns a snake into mushrooms and eats them.
The fourth volume of Touhou Suzunaan is a compilation of Chapter 22 to Chapter 29, so the volume's bonus material could be labeled as Chapter 29.5 if you're reading off of certain websites.
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