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Shimeji (しめじ)1) is a customizable Java program for Windows that lets cute desktop mascots roam around your screen. It was programmed by “Yuki Yamada” and made public on June 2, 20092)3) under a BSD license. It was then forked by “Relic-NT”, and later forked by “Kilkakon”.

Behavior and versions

The original Shimeji distribution page let you select from “Personal”, “Professional”, and “Ultimate” with the version representing the activity level.4) When it was forked by “Relic-NT”, the downloads page showed “Calm” and “Mischievous”. As for the current fork by “Kilkakon”, there's only one download, so you'll have to manually disable “Allowed Behaviours” since all actions are enabled by default.


You can add new Shimeji by copying over the Shimeji's folder into the /img/ folder, then go into “Settings” and choose what you want. Be warned that the program may not start if you select some, rename your folders, and the program can't find them. If you find a customized Shimeji file,5) just copy over the /img/ with all the images (e.g. shime1.png) and rename the file.

List of relevant Shimeji

- Import some from these three lists.
- Dig around the “Shimeji” tag on Pixiv and Niconico.
- Mention DeviantArt and Homestuck…?

  • Shimeji Home Page [Archived] - The original page for Shimeji by “Yuki Yamada”.
  • Shimeji @Wiki - Japanese wiki for Shimeji. Houses three Shimeji lists.
Shimeji (しめじ) is an edible mushroom and is, presumably, the program's default mascot.
Personal” gives you the basics (e.g. walk, sit, drag, drop). “Professional” adds climbing and hanging from the edges of your screen, as well as jumping at and throwing windows. “Ultimate” adds duplication.
In the past, you had to run several Java processes for multiple Shimeji, so old Shimeji downloads may come pre-packaged with the program and have a desktop icon. This has since been remedied with the fork.
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