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Polnareff AA

I-I'll tell you exactly what just happened!” (あ…ありのまま今起こった事を話すぜ!, A-arinomama ima okotta koto o hanasu ze!) is a scene in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that conveys Polnareff's shock after experiencing DIO's stand. It's been turned into AA and had became a meme.


In Stardust Crusaders, DIO appears atop a staircase where Polnareff was recovering and uses his stand to mess with him. His stand's ability hadn't been revealed at the time, so we get a short scene of Polnareff frantically trying to explain “what just happened” to his allies who came bursting in. Further reading suggests that DIO used his stand, The World, to stop time and place him down a few steps as he's walking up.1)

Text artwork

         ,. -‐'''''""¨¨¨ヽ
         (.___,,,... -ァァフ|          あ…ありのまま 今 起こった事を話すぜ!
          |i i|    }! }} //|
         |l、{   j} /,,ィ//|       『おれは奴の前で階段を登っていたと
        i|:!ヾ、_ノ/ u {:}//ヘ              思ったらいつのまにか降りていた』
        |リ u' }  ,ノ _,!V,ハ |
       /´fト、_{ル{,ィ'eラ , タ人      な… 何を言ってるのか わからねーと思うが
     /'   ヾ|宀| {´,)⌒`/ |<ヽトiゝ       おれも何をされたのかわからなかった…
    ,゙  / )ヽ iLレ  u' | | ヾlトハ〉
     |/_/  ハ !ニ⊇ '/:}  V:::::ヽ        頭がどうにかなりそうだった…
    // 二二二7'T'' /u' __ /:::::::/`ヽ
   /'´r -―一ァ‐゙T´ '"´ /::::/-‐  \     催眠術だとか超スピードだとか
   / //   广¨´  /'   /:::::/´ ̄`ヽ ⌒ヽ  そんなチャチなもんじゃあ 断じてねえ
  ノ ' /  ノ:::::`ー-、___/::::://       ヽ  }
_/`丶 /:::::::::::::::::::::::::: ̄`ー-{:::...       イ もっと恐ろしいものの片鱗を味わったぜ…

English Translation

                           I need to tell you guys something first!
                       I experienced The World's power just a moment ago...
                     W-Well, I say I experienced, but I didn't understand it at all.
         ,. -‐'''''""¨¨¨ヽ
         (.___,,,... -ァァフ|          I-I'll tell you exactly what just happened!
          |i i|    }! }} //|
         |l、{   j} /,,ィ//|      『I thought I was climbing up the stairs toward him,
        i|:!ヾ、_ノ/ u {:}//ヘ                but I kept going down instead!』
        |リ u' }  ,ノ _,!V,ハ |
       /´fト、_{ル{,ィ'eラ , タ人      I-I'm not sure I'm making any sense right now...
     /'   ヾ|宀| {´,)⌒`/ |<ヽトiゝ        but I just can't explain what he did.
    ,゙  / )ヽ iLレ  u' | | ヾlトハ〉
     |/_/  ハ !ニ⊇ '/:}  V:::::ヽ         It felt like I was going insane...
    // 二二二7'T'' /u' __ /:::::::/`ヽ
   /'´r -―一ァ‐゙T´ '"´ /::::/-‐  \     He wasn't using a simple trick like
   / //   广¨´  /'   /:::::/´ ̄`ヽ ⌒ヽ      hypnosis or super speed...
  ノ ' /  ノ:::::`ー-、___/::::://       ヽ  }
_/`丶 /:::::::::::::::::::::::::: ̄`ー-{:::...       イ  It was something strange and terrifying...


  • An alternate name for this scene is “Polnareff's Condition” (ポルナレフ状態, Porunarefu Jōtai).
  • The aforementioned scene was originally published in Chapter 249 of Volume 27 in January 1992.
    • It finally received an anime adaptation in SC Episode 45 which aired May 29, 2015.
    • In Vento Aureo, it's believed that this scene was referenced with the roles reversed as Polnareff is on top of a set of stairs while the part's antagonist, Diavolo, appears at the bottom.
  • The scene won first place in the 2015 Internet Buzzword Awards.
DIO's stand has an approximate range of 10 meters, which is approximately 32.8 feet or 10.9 yards, making the aforementioned events possible as Polnareff had been well within his stand's range.
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