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“Cela vaut mieux ainsi.”
– The Batter

OFF is the Belgian1) French-language role-playing game, developed by Martin Georis in RPG Maker 2003, that was first unveiled in March 31, 20072) and released in full on May 16, 2008.3) It's short, interesting, and a bit nihilistic, but might also come across as a bit pretentious.


The puppeteer assists the Batter's sacred mission, unraveling the world's mysteries and gradually purifying specters from the zones. However, the Batter also removes the zone guardians, purifying their zones, and you start to realize that the protagonist is not a good person. After killing the world's sickly creator, the Judge finally intervenes and gives you a brief chance to switch sides near the end of the game.

Ultimately, the credits roll and Over the Rainbow plays. The normal ending features no world since it has been turned “OFF”, while the Judge's ending features him wandering the purified zones. If the player has properly inspected the purified zones, exchanging the grand items for zodiac cards, a post-credit joke scene is shown where space apes from Aurus invade the purified world.4)


Georis would conceptualize OFF in the mid-2000s whilst attending college.5) It draws heavy inspiration from Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None,6) along with Killer7 and Silent Hill 2 being his two favorite video games at the time. He also gives a shout-out to Akira, Brazil (1985), Final Fantasy VI, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Paranoia Agent, and The Wizard of Oz (1939).7)


The game was relatively obscure for its first four years,8)9) then the second English translation released on December 25, 201210) and, during the Homestuck hiatus,11) it saw a lot of attention on Tumblr in 2013.12) Georis and Coldwood mostly had kind remarks about the phenomenon.13)14) Many fangames would surface, such as HOME and Continue/Stop/Rise, though Georis hasn't played them.15)


Bat references

During the 10th anniversary, Georis mentioned that the names of the Batter's weapons were references to comic authors and mangaka that he liked at the time.16) For the 15th anniversary, I personally requested Georis to reveal the full list,17) since he only went over the first three, and he answers this question very early into the stream!18) Below is a full chart of weapons along with the references that he claims:

Weapon Statistics Referenced author
Attack Accuracy Author name Best known work(s)
Harold Bat 5 90% He doesn't remember this one.19)20)
Masashi Bat 9 90% Masashi Kishimoto Naruto
Emmanuel Bat 12 90% Emmanuel Larcenet Ordinary Victories
Le Retour à la terre
Michael Bat 15 95% Michael Mignola Hellboy
Yoshihiro Bat 20 90% Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter × Hunter
YuYu Hakusho
Lewis Bat 26 90% Lewis Trondheim Lapinot (localized: McConey)21)
Katsuhiro Bat 32 90% Katsuhiro Otomo Akira
Ashley Bat* 21(x2) 95% Ashley Wood Metal Gear Solid (comics)

Workplace notes

Inside the large office building at the Shachihata area of Zone 1, the Batter is asked by an Elsen within the Postal Service area for a code in order to obtain access to the secret elevator. The player is supposed to string together the code by reading the forms lying around the area. Some people may have trouble inferring the code, myself included, so I've outlined the answer below:

Form FR EN Answer
1 “Première version : il repose six pieds sous terre, entouré de métal chaud et de plastique liquide.” “First version: They lie six feet under, surrounded by hot metal and liquid plastic.” 6
2 “Deuxième version : Ils sont huit, et ont de longues barbes. Ils regardent ce qui se passe de leurs hautes sphères d'argent.” “Second version: They are eight, and they have long beards. They watch what is happening from their high silver spheres.” 8
3 “Troisième version : Un seul grand insecte, dont les mandibules crachent de la viande.” “Third version: A sole big insect, whose mandibles spit meat.” 1
4 “Quatrième version : Ils sont quatre, chacun attribué à un élément. Ils protègent leurs cristaux respectifs.” “Fourth version: They are four, each one attributed to an element. They protect their respective crystals.” 4
5 “Cinquième version : Cinq, comme les doigts de la main. Leurs poumons produisent la fumée originelle.” “Fifth version: Five, like the fingers on a hand. Their lungs produce primordial smoke.” 5
6 “Dernière version : Il ne sont que deux, dans la zone secrète.” “Final version: There are but two, in the secret zone.” 2


  • The name is first rendered as Off, but it seems that both Off and OFF are valid stylizations.
  • Some names would be changed in translation, though it isn't that noteworthy: The Batter (Le batteur), The Judge (Le Juge), Valerie (Valérie), Sugar (Sucre), and The Queen (La Reine).
    • Zacharie was always Zacharie, despite the obscure English variant changing it to Zachary.22)
  • The Queen's speech isn't supposed to mean anything, as it is gibberish and full of contradictions,23) which puts the alleged relationship between the Batter and the Queen into question.
    • A book in Zone 2 confirms that “The Queen and her Son” are connected, but we shouldn't assume that either had any definitive ties to the Batter, solely based on her dying throe of “Would you like some coffee, my love?” (Voulez-vous du café, mon amour ?). She might not be speaking in a native tongue as some languages use “my love” in a friendly, non-romantic way.
  • However, Coldwood says the Queen's sound clip is “Aureden”, asked to say something that an angry mother would say.24) This became “va ranger ta chambre” (go clean your room), but in reverse.
  • In some OFF fanworks, you may see a “Ghost Batter” which originates from an ancient 2010 blog post that included a doodle where the aforementioned character shouts “FUCKIN' STOP!!”25)

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