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Hispachan was a popular Spanish bulletin board that was founded by “Zeta” on November 17, 2012, who later stepped down on March 10, 2021,1) and it proceeded to close on May 31, 2022.2) Despite their size, it was not respected by the anonymous Hispanic community.


On November 6, 2012, “Zeta” purchases the “” domain3) and implements a countdown to the inauguration on November 17, 2012. They started out with a “General” board4) and ran “Kusaba X”, which became heavily modified over time.5) After some time, “Zeta” bought SectaChan's domain and Twitter on April 9, 2014,6) claiming to be its successor, then advertised itself on 4chan around May 11, 2014.

From there, Hispachan mostly gathered a negative reputation in anonymous Hispanic communities as it was too mainstream. Some boring controversies happened,7) several AMA (Q&A) threads were held, then they would get some weird sponsors. “Zeta” would eventually step down on March 10, 2021, keeping control of the domain,8) then it was announced Hispachan would close on May 31, 2022.9)

List of Boards

  • Regional (NSFW)
    • Argentina [ar]
    • Central America [cc]
    • Chile [cl]
    • Columbia [co]
    • Spain [es]
    • Mexico [mx]
    • Peru [pe]
    • Uruguay [uy]
    • Venezuela [ve]
  • Leisures
    • Anime and Manga [a]
    • Animation and Comics [ac]
    • Art [art] (NSFW)
    • Balcony [b] (NSFW) - The /b/ board.
    • General [g]
    • History and Advice [ch]
    • Animals [ham] (NSFW) - Funposting.
    • Internet Addicts [i]
    • Music [mu]
    • Cinema and Series [tv]
    • Video Games [v]
    • Videos [w] (NSFW)
  • Interests
    • Science [c]
    • Religion and Spirituality [e]
    • Exercise, Health, and Style [f]
    • Humanities [hu]
    • Economy [k]
    • Meta [m]
    • Plaza [pl] - Hispanic discussions.
    • Politics and Conspiracies [pol]
    • LGBT+ [q]
    • Technology [t]
  • Sexy (NSFW)
    • Hentai [h]
    • Hentai Alternative [ha]
    • Sexy Cartoons [sc]

Note: This list was retrieved on 2022-05-31. It may have changed since then.


  • Hispachan technically had a number of mascots, but below are the few that stood out:
    • Hispacan/Hispaperro - The orange, dog-like character with the “ñ” shirt.
    • Hispita - The blonde girl with glasses and some sort of red-yellow outfit, themed after the website.
    • Nazi-tan - A black-haired girl with the Nazi outfit, referring to the moderation style.
  • They held “AMA” (question-and-answer) threads for people like Hiroyuki Nishimura,10) Jim Watkins,11) and Fredrick Brennan,12) but “Zeta” does note that it's very difficult to get people to accept.13)
  • “Sr Pelo” has done an AMA thread14)15) and contributed a Cirno Day drawing.16) If this doesn't make it obvious that Hispachan was extremely “normie as fuck”, then I don't know what to tell you.
  • Hispachan - The front page of Hispachan.
    • @hispachan on Twitter - Status updates, artwork, shitposting, and… cum?
    • @hispachan on Gab - It's empty.
  • Hispasexy - The front page of Hispasexy. It's where the boards for real-world pornography went. However, they have some nasty pop-under ads and use malicious advertising.
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