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Mogeko (もげ子), also known as Moge-ko or Moge子, is a humanoid female Mogeko that takes an antagonist role in Mogeko Castle and General Hashasky's Great Adventure. She may look cute, but she's rather narcissistic, violent, and authoritarian in her appearances thus far.



She looks like a blonde girl with long shoulder-length hair and two tufts of hair that resembles Mogeko ears. Her outfit consists of a blood red dress shirt with black cuffs under a black vest, a black tie, a maroon pleated skirt, black socks, black boots, and an odd Mogeko tail.


Mogeko is a narcissistic psychopath that loves to torture people and gives them slow, painful deaths to hear their pain and suffering. She was composed of “99% malice and 1% concrete”, but now she's composed of “konpeitō, tabasco, and everything nice” with concrete accidentally replacing konpeitō.1) Additionally, she eats flesh and especially loves hearts. Her tail can be pulled, which apparently makes her normal.

Appearances and Mentions

Mogeko Castle

The castle's gloomy and tense fourth floor is ruled by Moge-ko who notices the protagonists passing by and makes her grand debut with an army of Mogekos as they find the elevator, then she chases after them. Within the floor, several Mogekovs and a kidnapped General Hashasky can be found, though the reason they exist there is unknown at the time, as well as the crucified floor guardian in her apartment.

If the protagonist simply exits her apartment, she is captured and tortured by Moge-ko, but a secret passage to the next floor exists under her bed. On the next floor, Moge-ko devises a plan to lead the protagonists to her and unleashes an amalgamation onto them, but Moffuru helps them out and leads them to the sixth floor. Moge-ko isn't seen after this, aside from the normal ending where Lord Prosciutto awakens and kills her.

General HSHSky's Great Adventure

we are never getting this damn game lmao

Official profiles

Mogeko Castle (Old)

Japanese Text Chinese Translation English Translation
『もげ子』 『moge子』 『Mogeko』
モゲコキンゲダムの中で一番キチガイ mogeko王国中最疯狂的人。 The biggest psychopath in the Mogeko Kingdom.
人の嫌がることをするのが大好き 最喜欢做别人讨厌的事情。 She loves to hate people.
平気で嘘を吐く 可以脸不红气不喘地撒谎。 Tells lies without batting an eye.
人を食べるのが大好き特に心臓が好きだとさ 最喜欢吃人,特别是喜欢吃人的心脏。 She likes to eat people, especially their hearts.
趣味は拷問 兴趣是拷问。 Her hobbies are torturing.
存在の99%が悪意でできていてりの1%はコンクリート 她的存在由99%的恶意,以及剩下的1%的混凝土构成。 Her entire being is composed of 99% malice and 1% concrete.
即死させるのも好きだがじわじわゆっくり嬲り殺すのが最高に好き 虽然也很喜欢秒杀对手,但是还是最喜欢一点一点慢慢折磨杀死对方。 She likes killing people, but prefers to give them a slow, painful death.
世界は自分を中心に回るのがあたりまえ 认为世界理所应得围绕着自己旋转。 Believes the world revolves around her.
尻尾を引っこ抜くと普通の可愛らしい女の子になる 如果拔掉她的尾巴,就会变成普通的貌似可爱的女孩子。 When you pull her tail, she becomes a cute, ordinary girl.

Mogeko Castle (New)

Original Text English Translation
名前:もげ子(Mogeko) Name: Mogeko (もげ子)
身長:158cm Height: 158cm (≈ 5'2“)
趣味:殺人、暴力、玩具遊び Hobbies: Murder, Violence, Playing with Toys.
好き:相手の苦しんだ表情と悲嗚 Likes: Screaming and Suffering of Others.
嫌い:上記のことを自分がされる Hates: The above in reverse.
モゲコによって作り出された少女。金平糖、タバスコ、素敵なものをいっぱい…な材料で作られる予定だった。しかし、金平糖とコンクリートを入れ間違えてしまい、あのような気狂いが誕生した。 A girl who was created by the Mogekos. Konpeitō, Tabasco, and everything nice… is what she was planned to be made of. But they accidentally put in concrete instead of konpeito and thus, a psychopath was born.


Language Name
Japanese もげ子
Chinese moge子
Korean 모게코쨩
English Moge-ko
Russian Моге-ко
“Konpeitō” (金平糖(コンペイトー)) and “Concrete” (コンクリート, Konkurīto) both start with “Kon” (コン).
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