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The Wrestling Series (レスリングシリーズ), also called Gachimuchi,1) is an MAD subculture that makes jokes about non-Japanese gay porn. Initially, it was a bait-and-switch format on Niconico in 2007,2) then content creators on 2channel began sampling it in MAD videos.3)

List of Characters

  • Billy Herrington(ビリー・ヘリントン) / Billy-aniki (ビリー兄貴) / Aniki (兄貴)
    The gay porn actor from Long Island, New York. He retired from porn in the early 2000s once he had a child. When the meme took off, Niconico invited him to Japan and he showed his appreciation for said subculture.4) On March 3, 2018, he was killed in a car accident at the age of 45.5)
  • Danny Resko(ダニー・レスコ) / “Danny Lee(ダニー・リー)” / Kazuya Kiyoshi (木吉カズヤ)
    The secondary protagonist who's up for a challenge, thinks there is no salvation,6) turns into Super Kazuya, and uttered “Shin Nippori” (新日暮里),7) the “location” that Gachimuchi takes place in. He retired from porn in 2003, did not die of a drug overdose,8) and recognized his internet fame in 2021.9)
  • Owen Bigland(オーウェン・ビグランド)10) / “Mark Wolff(マーク・ウォルフ)” / Ikariya Biollante (いかりやビオランテ)11)
    A weakling who loses to Billy and picks a fight with “leatherman” Van. He retired from porn in 2007 to work as a realtor. It's implied that he knows his internet fame, but doesn't openly recognizes it.
  • Van Darkholme(ヴァン・ダークホーム) / Van-sama (VAN様) / Tadano Kosugi (TDNコスギ) / Tóng Dark-Wéi (佟dark为)
    The alternate protagonist, a “leatherman” who replies “fuck you”. He'd manage to stand out as a rare Asian American, thus the portmanteau of Kazuhito Tadano (Inmu) and Kane Kosugi. He would recognize his internet fame in 2009,12)13) retired from porn in 2017, and does streams on Twitch.14)15)
  • Steve Cassidy(スティーヴ・キャシディ) / Tortoise Fujioka (トータス藤岡)
    An actor with long sideburns, a rugged face, and looks like a middle-aged man.
  • Duncan Mills(ダンカン・ミルス)” / Gosaku Kamata (鎌田吾作)
    A young man who doesn't have a lot of lines, but his best misheard line is about being a crab.16)
  • Nicholas Di Ruscio(ニコラス・ディルシオ) / “Nick Steel(ニック・スティール)” → “T.J. Cummings(T・J・カミングズ)” / Yuuji Jounouchi (城之内悠二)
    A man who fears Shigemi,17) the woman described below. He retired from porn in 2015, but it should be noted that he reportedly tested positive for HIV in late 2013.
    • Lynn Ross(リン・ロス) / Shigemi Ideka (池田茂美)
      An old blonde woman who plays a maid. He's mostly feared by Yuuji. Compare to Inmu's Pinky.
  • Stephen Rout(スティーブン・ラウト) / Aka-san (赤さん) / Gedou(Heresy) Baby (外道ベイビー)
    The baby that used to be a Futaba Channel meme before he became the Gachimuchi censor. His dad found out in 2010,18)19) allegedly appeared in the IWF 2017 video, and did an interview.20)
  • Ricardo Milos(リカルド・ミロス) / Рикардо Милос / Ronaldinho (ロナウ自慰ニョ, Ronaujiinyo)21)
    The Brazilian porn model from Jockbutt. He was the face of a short-lived Butterfly fad from 2011,22) but he was obscure until Russian Sosach users used him for bait-and-switch on TikTok in 2018 and looped back to the English internet. Sadly, he does not approve of the meme and threatened to sue.23)


Billy Herrington's praise of the Kamikaze

On August 16, 2013, Herrington praised the Japanese Kamikaze aviators on Facebook and proceeded to strongly defend Japanese culture. This was later discovered by Korean users on July 31, 2014,24) so a few users sent him a petition. Herrington would post Yi Sun-sin, yet admitted that he did it to appease them “so they would stop crying”25) and continued to defend his original position on said aviators.

The controversy was largely panned by the Chinese, as he allegedly apologized and traveled to China, but his image in South Korea had remained tainted. When he died on March 3, 2018, most Korean users had continued to resent him and joked that he was joining the Kamikaze fighters that he admired.26)27) As a result, the South Korean community would replace him with Van Darkholme.


  • Personally, I never liked Gachimuchi. The whole thing is just incredibly overdone at this point.
  • While the greater internet discovered Gachimuchi through Niconico reposts first, please note that Inmu predates Gachumuchi. At some point, a small wrestling feud developed between the two.
  • In the Chinese communities, it's called “Zhé♂xué” (哲♂学, lit. “Philo♂sophy”), presumably stemming from the subculture's tendency to miscategorize videos on Niconico Douga in the late 2000s.
  • By late 2014, the Twitch streamer Forsen was shown a Gachimuchi video28)29) and tried adding a Gachimuchi emote, but this was denied, so it became “gachiGASM” on BTTV instead and this resulted in a whole slew of Gachimuchi emotes, with “gachiBASS” being one of the most known.
    • A year later, Billy sent Forsen a birthday wish in 201530)31) and Forsen sent one back to Billy.32)
  • If you see Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou Project, it's because the drill sergeant video features Billy pronouncing “Attention” weird, being misheard as “Patchouli, ugh!” (パチュリー、ウッ!).

See also

“Gachimuchi” (ガチムチ), a portmanteau of “gatchiri” (ガッチリ, lit. “muscular”) and “muchimuchi” (ムチムチ, lit. “chubby”), is a term for a wrestler-type body, often depicted in Geikomi (Bara). This became the international term as the original video was titled “Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling” (ガチムチパンツレスリング).
"本格的 ガチムチパンツレスリング" [Mirror] (August 10, 2007). Niconico Douga.
"歪みねぇビリー兄貴を取材してみた" (February 13, 2009). Niconico Douga.
“Sukui wa nai ndesu ka!?” (救いはないんですか!?, lit. “Is there no salvation?”) is a mishearing of “Scream more like that!” in another clip of the original video.
“Shin Nippori” (新日暮里, lit. “New Nippori”) is a mishearing of “Two can play it!” near at the end of the original clip, while Nippori refers to a location around Arakawa, Tokyo in Japan.
"Danny/Kazuya say's Thank you" (May 10, 2021). YouTube.
Owen Bigland is confirmed to be related to former FCA head and sales chief, Reid Bigland.
Note: Biollante (ビオランテ, Biorante) is a reference to the Godzilla kaiju. Do not alter the spelling.
"Web Date 11-28-2009". Van Darkholme.
In the blog post, he announces that Evan-sama by “yhmfsng” was his favorite MAD video, but he linked to a YouTube re-upload which has since been taken down and ended up crediting the wrong person.
"I'm live on Twitch" (February 8, 2020). Twitter.
"Van says it gachiHYPER" (February 2, 2020). Reddit /r/livestreamfail.
“Kani ni naritai ne?” (蟹になりたいね?, lit. “Want to be a crab?”) is a mishearing of “How do you like that, man?”
“Shigemi kowai deshou” (茂美怖いでしょう, lit. “Shigemi's scary, isn't she?”) is a mishearing of “She gave me quite a show”. You can probably read this in your head and understand why.
"My son is a meme?" (July 2010). Allen S. Rout.
Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho is usually rendered as “Ronaujīnyo” (ロナウジーニョ), but the “jī” (ジー) is replaced with “jī” (自慰, lit. “self-consolation”) which is a euphemism for masturbation.
The exact tag is the “Mainyo Series” (舞いーニョシリーズ), a strange portmanteau of “dance” (舞, mai) in “dance like a butterfly” (蝶のように舞い, chō no yō ni mai) with his name. This got lost in translation since nobody knew that Ricardo Milos was considered Gachimuchi, meaning “danceinho” wouldn't make any sense, so people took that 2011 Yuyuko animation (YouTube repost) at face value until 2018.
"Hello Everyone this is RICARDO MILOS" (April 19, 2019). Yahoo! Groups.
"Forsen vs Reynad" (November 12, 2014). YouTube.
"Happy Birthday Forsen - Billy Herrington" (December 16, 2015). YouTube.
"@BillyHerring777" (July 13, 2016). Twitter.
“Soramimi” (空耳, lit. “vaguely heard”) can be translated as “mishearing”, or mondegreen if you dare. I don't know why certain people insist on calling them “soramimi” when the English word exists.
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