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Touhou Boob Discussion

Touhou Boob Discussion (東方乳議論, Tōhō Nyuugiron) organizes the general consensus of every Touhou Project character's breast size from the Japanese fanbase. As a reminder, this page is a translation, so there's possibly a few Japanese jokes here and there.


The main chart uses a scale to illustrate which chest size(s) are typically drawn for a character and anything in bold indicates a trend, but people are allowed to disagree and draw whatever size they prefer. While the original chart uses five kanji scale,1) it's converted into an A to E scale here for convenience and to, perhaps, give the illusion that this chart is talking about cup sizes instead.2)

  • A - The breasts are non-existent or are quite small.
  • B - The breasts are small and wouldn't bounce while running.
  • C - The breasts are at a beautiful, average size.
  • D - The breasts are somewhat big, but not quite huge.
  • E - The breasts are incredibly huge.

List of Characters

I finally managed to fully re-translate this entire chart! I originally translated this in May 2017 with a slight update in late 2019, but I finally redid this in June 2021 with plenty of useful footnotes!

Character Name Chest Size Notes and References
Reimu Hakurei A B C There's a lot of room for interpretation as she gets drawn with many different characters. From collision detection to canonization of the “poor shrine maiden” jokes, she falls between flat and average. She may get a boost as the protagonist or put in onee-san scenarios, but nothing too extreme. With last bosses or other busty characters, femininity is prioritized. As the armpit miko, some sideboob is fine.
Marisa Kirisame A B C D Like Reimu, Marisa can be interpreted in many different ways. She tends to be smaller when she's aware of her shorter stature, and larger when she isn't. Most people make her flat to average, boyish or not, but large can be stylish. An eight-heads tall Marisa…
Touhou Koumakyou ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Rumia A That's it. But with Ex Rumia, (ry3) While she is a hungry character, her breasts aren't as nourished as Yuyuko's…
Daiyousei A B C D She's kinda child or child-like. However, since Cirno and related characters can be slow, she can assume a parent-like, voice of reason role that tends to make her bigger. It depends on whether the artists wants to indulge in the “Mune ga Dai-chan” thing.
Cirno A She's a child or child-like after all. Maybe the chest of a year old… It doesn't help that she has the worst boob tag ratio on Pixiv, partially due to her stupidity and boyishness compared to other fairies. Then, there's Advent Cirno, or you could say she becomes an adult during strong cold waves…
Hong Meiling D E In the past, she was flat. However, ever since Touhou Suimusou depicted her with an average-sized chest, she became even bustier than Sakuya.

Meiling 「Now, I'm #1 in Koumakan!」─━╋ Gusa!!4) (Pichūn!!5)
Koakuma A B C D E Due to a lack of material and how Patchouli hides her body type, it's really up to artist interpretation. Some propose a system where “Koa” (こぁ) is for busty, long-haired Koakuma and “Kokoa” (ここぁ) is for petite, short-haired Koakuma.
Patchouli Knowledge A B C D E To start off, she wears baggy clothes and is “weak and inactive” so, depending on interpretation, she could have any body type. Her old nickname of “Murasaki Moyashi”6) emphasized weakness, fans of a skinny and busty Patchouli emphasized inactivity, then she somehow gained weight over ten years which is miraculous. Currently, she's thicker than Alice and Marisa, so she gets large breasts. You could also interpret her as being extremely buff and it'd be valid…
Sakuya Izayoi A B C D E The big difference in breast size between Touhou Koumakan and Touhou Suimusou made her the “Pad Chief” (PAD長), while “Busty Chief” (巨乳長) emerged to counter this. That aside, she's placed between two extremes, Meiling and Remilia, and people are split on “cool and slender” or “beautiful with a nice body”, so average isn't even on the table. With the entire Koumakan lineup, she would rank as the third lowest, meaning that she'd be somewhat small.
Remilia Scarlet A B Despite being 500+ years old and having charisma, she looks like a little girl. However, her appearance changes drastically depending on the presence or absence of charisma, so she may turn normal at maximum charisma. Then again, she doesn't eat much, so…
Flandre Scarlet A B If the older sister is a little girl, then the younger sister is a little girl too. Moreover, unlike her older sister, her breasts aren't big because her mind's underdeveloped and some fans depict her as insane.
Touhou Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom
Letty Whiterock B C D E Wide collision detection means that she's chubby. That's why her boobs are huge. However, there are some works that have her size changing during the summer or a mild winter.
Chen A B The result of her child-like appearance. It also contrasts with her guardians, Ran and Yukari. But with Baquartet, she's a bit grown-up.
Alice Margatroid A B C D E Her breasts are well-shaped rather than large, mostly because her well-proportioned body is prioritized over her breasts. Therefore, she's mostly drawn with average-sized breasts, but they can also be big or small depending on “the standard body” is interpreted.
Lily White A B C D She doesn't sell spring.7) As a fairy, she can be a little grown-up.
Lunasa Prismriver B C D The eldest sister…? (Size can't exceed Merlin.) It may be affected by her depression, but she maintains some size.
Merlin Prismriver C D E The largest of the three Prismriver sisters, mainly due to a bug in Touhou Youyoumu that makes her go rogue.8)
Lyrica Prismriver A B C The youngest sister doesn't need them! The creator says they don't have breasts, so this entire table is (ry9)
Youmu Konpaku A B C She's very inexperienced and youthful in terms of appearance and personality, so she tends to be smaller than Yuyuko, and her swordsmanship is no help either. However, she'll have a chest unlike lolita characters such as Suika, Cirno, etc.
Yuyuko Saigyouji D E It looks like she has breasts in the Touhou Youyoumu endings. Her personality and status as a final boss also helps.

Youmu 「Yuyuko-sama eats many times more than other people, so all the nutrients go directly to her breasts…」
Ran Yakumo D E She's quite huge due to her being a guardian and a youkai kitsune. They aren't for Chen to suck on since Chen already weaned long ago. If you see the illustrations that came out during the Supertenko trend, you'd see that she was mostly drawn with large breasts.
Yukari Yakumo A B C D E She was officially deemed a shoujo, but she's a wise old sage who doesn't look the part, so most people tend to draw her with huge breasts. Maybe she has a spell card titled “Chest Sign 「Boundary of Flat and Huge」” or “Form Sign 「Boundary of Youth and Maturity」”… Or maybe they just sag because she's an old hag…
Touhou Suimusou ~ Immaterial and Missing Power
Suika Ibuki A Pettan, pettan, tsurupettan♪
Pettan, pettan, mochipettan♪
Pettan, pettan, mune pettan♪
Youjo, youjo, tsurupeta youjo♪
Suika, suika, tsurupeta Suika♪ (Tsurupeta-tte iu naa~!!)

Anybody who justifies drawing large breasts through her “ability to manipulate density and sparsity” is a true pervert. (Praise)
Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night
Wriggle Nightbug A B The short hair and pumpkin pants make her seem boyish. Such a cute girl couldn't possibly be a10) (Pichūn!!11) Are fireflies male when they don't glow? No, there are females who emit a faint glow.
Mystia Lorelei A B C She was considered the adult of the Baquartet back then, but it was furthered by her being a grilled lamprey stand proprietress.12) A pigeon chest,13) even though she's a tree sparrow. Shouldn't that be a dedicated tag…
Keine Kamishirasawa C D E As a teacher, Keine-sensei is held back. You could also argue that she still has common sense in this state.
Keine Kamishirasawa (EX) D E As a hakutaku, the volume of her chest goes up!
Tewi Inaba A B Despite her age, her looks…
Reisen Udongein Inaba B C D She's a bit on the small side, but she's larger than Tewi. But unlike Sakuya, she's more likely to have a standard body type.
Eirin Yagokoro D E That chest shadow means… ( ゚∀゚)o彡° Oppai! Oppai! If she made some breast enlargement medicine, the power balance would be disrupted. Wouldn't big breasts be a hindrance when she draws her bow? I don't give a damn~!
Kaguya Houraisan A B C D Wouldn't she be smaller than Eirin? The Hourai NEET “Teruyo” is small, while the calmer “Hime-sama” tends to be large.
Fujiwara no Mokou A B C It's said that she “stopped growing at a young age” for carrying the burden of immortality. Like Marisa, people considered her boyish. In Touhou Shinpiroku, she officially had a boyish personality which made her small… However, if she does have breasts, you could call her an “ikemen with boobs.”14)
Touhou Kaeidzuka ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Aya Shameimaru A B C D As the fastest, it seems like an aerodynamic body would naturally have small breasts, yet most people tend to draw her with large breasts anyways. People who draw her flying at ultrafast speeds in the air tend to draw her without breasts.
Medicine Melancholy A The first issue that you have before even thinking about boobs is that she's a doll…
Yuuka Kazami D E Being a sadist, the strongest, and an onee-san has made her quite busty, at least in the old works… Is D-89 an accepted opinion?15)
Komachi Onozuka E Her looks in Touhou Kaeidzuka… is a genuine case of ZUN being limited to drawing lolita characters, isn't it? Her bust level and the prevailing idea among fans that she's taller than her boss has really nullified discissions about them…
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu A B C As she only compared to Komachi, people think she's short and flat… but some people ignore this and make her big anyways since she's a Yama or Enma after all. She seemed short in the Touhou Kaeidzuka ending scenes, but it would later be confirmed that she's rather short in Touhou Shinkirou.16)
Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith
Shizuha Aki A B C As the harvest goddess' younger sister, she gets drawn smaller.
Minoriko Aki A B C D E As the goddess of abundant harvests… you could make it so her size changes according to harvest luck or quality, plus there's the “Drooping Minoriko” (たわわに穣子, Tawawa ni Minoriko) tag.
Hina Kagiyama B C D E She stockpiles misfortune in her chest, so she must be small when she gets rid of all of it. (“Yaku” (厄, lit. “misfortune”) sounds like Yakult, a probiotic company that makes lactic acid bacteria (乳酸菌, nyūsankin) which is commonly found in breast milk.)
Nitori Kawashiro A B C D In the books, she literally has a child-like body type, yet people draw her on the larger side. Depending on the artist, big breasts would become more prominent with the key strapped to her chest,17) and a lot of people drawing her with a black tank top also draw her huge.
Momiji Inubashiri A B C D She doesn't have any official artwork, so it's another ambiguous situation. Momiji momimomi. Oppai momimomi.18)
Sanae Kochiya C D E “Sanae > Reimu” is the usual outcome, plus she has a high school girl vibe… Her looks in Touhou Seirensen and Touhou Hisoutensoku has also contributed to this, plus “Sanapai” (さなぱい) is a highly used tag on Pixiv.
Kanako Yasaka D E The value of faith is represented by the volume of her chest. In addition, she's tall and an old hag (Pichūn!!19)
Suwako Moriya A B C Looks aside, she's a married goddess. Is it all the comparison to Kanako… or is it still the looks…
Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Iku Nagae B C D E Pattsun pattsun,20) Kya Iku-san!!21) (However, if she's a dancer, would a large chest get in the way?) Anyways, they're impossible to confirm because the hagoromo gets in the way.22)
Tenshi Hinanawi A B Epicenters, cliffs, cutting boards, washboards, and Tenshi's chest don't shake. ZUN doesn't normally draw breasts, so there's room for imagination when interpreting physique and you can end up with a flat-chested adult or a busty lolita. Unfortunately, alphes drew Tenshi completely flat, so there's no way to save her… However, drawing flat-chested adults can be difficult, so she may have a small chest.
Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism
Kisume A B C It's not a girl in a box,23) but a girl in a bucket… Her chest is hidden in the bucket, so you can't see them in the first place. In full, she's usually drawn with a humble size for looking like a twin-tailed lolita… but there are cases where a busty lolita is a nice surprise.
Yamame Kurodani A B C D While she looks lolita, she gets drawn voluptuous like a spider. It also helps that the “underground idol” jokes24) promoted the idea of her having well-shaped breasts.
Parsee Mizuhashi A B C Jealous and envious… Yeah, because she's flat… When paired with Yuugi, her femininity is prioritized through flatness. Also, huge breasts would certainly make her jealous, so flat to small tends to be infectious.
Yuugi Hoshiguma D E Onee-san, strength, and contrast with Suika. Alphes also helped by making her breasts half exposed in a promotional flyer. Sometimes, she gets depicted as the man of some stories, but she'd have large breasts in a different way.
Satori Komeiji A B C Shougololi. She can be considered an adolescent, as she's easily stressed out… or maybe, it's the kindergartner outfit… She's a bookworm too, so people tend to give her a modest size. If you want to emphasize her ownership, then you can make her adult-like.
Rin Kaenbyou B C D Despite being a pet, she's better than her master and smaller than Okuu. Since she's sandwiched between these two, she tends to be drawn at an average size.
Utsuho Reiuji B C D E When Touhou Chireiden came out, her stupidity and that red gem on her chest hindered her. But after Touhou Hisoutensoku, her overwhelming power and physique made large breasts more fitting, so it's been the mainstream perception ever since.
Koishi Komeiji A B If the older sister is a Shougololi, would she be a Shouichinoro? She's often drawn with the same size as her sister, but this can change as she's a bit unstable. The unconscious elements also help in making her flat or large, depending on the artist's choice. Thus, her breasts could grow without her knowing, to her sister's shock…
Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object
Nazrin A B It's because her physique is small. It's not because her chest is a “tiny, tiny clever commander.”
Kogasa Tatara B C D First off, a lot of people consider her to be lolita. She seems quite moderate, but when paired with Nue, she can become the busty lolita type. Conversely, when paired with Sanae, she gets smaller for non-lolita reasons due to their perceived relationship dynamic.
Ichirin Kumoi C D E Since her body isn't as exposed, it feels like “she might be bigger with her clothes off.” The day she takes off her priest garb. I mean, if she doesn't have much to offer, she won't be popular…
Unzan The sole man of the Windows era games, a middle-aged man. We can't assess his body because he has none.
Minamitsu Murasa C D “Murasa is horny, so her breasts are huge!”25) or so we originally thought… It does look like her chest bulges in the original artwork, but… her boyish attire limits the size.
Shou Toramaru A B C D Her physique and position originally made her closer to Ran-sama's largeness, but the unfortunate nickname of “Shou-kun” made her boyish or shota instead, which made her closer to Wriggle's flatness.
Byakuren Hijiri D E She carries a motherly (or hag-like) aura to her. In Touhou Shinkirou, she accomplished the spectacular feat of having shaking breasts in an official work, so they're bound to be larger.
Nue Houjuu B C Clearly, her size is unidentified. There are various opinions based on her clothes and original appearance, but it's not a wide range. She gets flattened by her guardians, Byakuren and Mamizou, as well as the other members of the EX trio, Flandre and Koishi. When paired with Kogasa, she'll remain small if Kogasa has large breasts.
Double Spoiler
Hatate Himekaidou B C D When the subject is compared to Aya, results vary and aren't very stable. If Aya is flat, then Hatate is considered large for being less active than her. If Aya is large, then Hatate is considered flat as she is below her. Almost as if there's an equilibrium.
Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires
Kyouko Kasodani A B Her lolita appearance was a big factor. It also matches her Choujuu Gigaku bandmate's small chest.
Yoshika Miyako C D Just being dumb and near lolita territory isn't enough, so she's drawn relatively large. It's believed that the main reason for this is that she's a hungry character, thus on the larger side.
Seiga Kaku B C D E She was based on a married woman, so she was rarely depicted as small, but the influence of Touhou Ibarakasen made smaller sizes more acceptable. However, her lewd aura is really great~ Nyan Nyan is totally pure, isn't she?
Soga no Tojiko C D Most people end up discussing her lack of legs, rather than her breasts. She's based on Prince Shōtoku's wife, whose other consorts were short, so bigger would be beneficial. A mother.
Mononobe no Futo B C It seems like people don't draw her with large breasts as she's a bit dumb. She was also revealed to be really short in Touhou Shinkirou, accelerating the idea that she's flat.
Toyosatomimi no Miko A B C She's often drawn small as she originally looked flat. Furthermore, Miko was based on Prince Shōtoku, who was male, her coolness is emphasized in Touhou Shinkirou, and she's usually paired with Byakuren or Tojiko which may call for her taking a male role. She's also super tall, so breasts would hinder her vision.
Mamizou Futatsuiwa C D E It's easy to draw her large since she has an oba-chan personality, plus there was the influence of Mami Tomoe back then. However, she wasn't that huge in Touhou Shinkirou or Touhou Suzunaan, so her size adjusted accordingly.
Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade
Hata no Kokoro A B C D This character is unique because she has an established position, so she's immune to personality modifiers. She's larger than Koishi and other lolita characters, yet smaller than Hijiri for being child-like. She also wasn't that huge in the original game.
Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character
Wakasagihime C D E She's a bit docile, so people tend to draw her really big. Her kimono also has a breast bulge, making her a huge princess. Also, her lower body is fish, so her upper body is doing their best to make her voluptuous figure stand out.
Sekibanki A B C Her design is a rather boyish, from the cloak hiding her neck to her red-black color scheme, so she tends to be average to small. In addition, her high sense of pride may be another contributing factor.
Kagerou Imaizumi C D There's a wide range, but she tends to be on the larger side. It's probably because ZUN drew her with a visible collarbone, exposed shoulders, and clothes that'd have to be held up by her breasts.
Yatsuhashi Tsukumo B C D Compared to her older sister, the Bust Gap Society…26) doesn't apply here as she's drawn at a relatively moderate size.
Benben Tsukumo C D E As the mature, older sister, she'll often be portrayed with larger breasts than her. Her bust size is also 99cm.27)
Seija Kijin A B C She's pretty weak and small. A low-life's breasts. Also, her back is usually turned away from the viewer, so her breasts aren't visible.
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna A Her size would be smaller than Seija, plus she's an inchling. You could joke that she can make her breasts bigger using the miracle mallet, but nobody really indulges in it.
Raiko Horikawa B C D E ZUN drew her with a chest bulge, so many people drew her as a busty onee-san, but her boyish clothes allowed the handsome person with small breasts interpretation to gain ground. As a result, we get a character on the two extremes.
Touhou Shinpiroku ~ Urban Legend in Limbo
Sumireko Usami B C Most people hold back due to her shared lineage with Renko.
Touhou Kanjuden ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Seiran B C Small. In addition to her considerably low infantry rank, she's also drawn relatively small compared to the other rabbit.
Ringo C D Her burly figure and constant dango eating makes it sound like she'd be chubby, though her bellybutton sticking out holds it back, so large breasts were probably inevitable.
Doremy Sweet B C D Her fluffy clothes obscures her body's figure, but we know it's full of dreams, probably because she has a calming personality.
Sagume Kishin B C D A cool beauty.28) Her figure ranges from slim and slender to sturdy and well-developed, but does not exceed Eirin or Toyohime.
Clownpiece A B C D Until now, fairies had nothing, but due to her outstanding strength and the American outfit, she tends to be drawn bigger than most fairies. In addition, she comes off as an older, middle school type.
Junko C D E A sixth stage boss with a tremendous power. She's a marvelous, purifying onee-sama who had been a married mother, though now widowed, so there's many illustrations of her with a refined chest. However, her clothes start to interfere if you make her too big, thus people stop at large and rarely exceed enormous or hyper.
Hecatia Lapislazuli B C D Some depict her as completely flat, while others depict her as extremely busty. This is due to the fact that her character should be busty, yet her t-shirt and exposed shoulders makes large breasts feel unnatural, so many people think she's smaller than Junko. As a result, her t-shirt is just capable of handling any size.
Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers
Shion Yorigami A B She's the poverty god, so she's usually drawn slim and small. At the same time, she's an onee-san who doesn't have any lolita attributes, so there might be a bulge above her ribs.
Joon Yorigami A B Her small stature and being a younger (twin) sister to Shion makes it easy for her to be drawn small.
Touhou Tenkuushou ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Eternity Larva B C She can't be too big or too small because of her unique chestpiece makes it hard to do so, but changing her outfit is free.
Nemuno Sakata D E A rare instance of ZUN drawing a chest bulge. Her outfit looks best with large breasts, so she's mostly drawn as such.
Aunn Komano A B C D Komainu ≈ Shisa, or girl with Okinawan looks. The size depends on whether the artist wants to emphasize liveliness or sexiness.
Narumi Yatadera B C D E She has a lolita appearance, yet her attire asks for a plump body type. Similar to Aunn, the size is up to the artist.
Mai Teireida A B A rare, boyish character in Touhou Project who uses “boku” (僕), so she's mostly drawn small.
Satono Nishida A B C Her design is almost identical to Mai, making her the same size. But when drawn alone, she tends to be bigger than Mai.
Okina Matara A B C D E Mattaira vs. Okki na.29) She's an elder sage and guardian, so she gets drawn big. However, it's easier to draw her flat since it fits her clothes better, so there's some variation.
Touhou Kikeijuu ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Eika Ebisu A She's a stillborn… Her design motif includes jellyfish, yet it doesn't seem to make her any bigger.
Urumi Ushizaki E H U G E.
An extremely rare character that clearly has huge breasts when ZUN drew her. Will this be the cow character's fate?
Kutaka Niwatari B C D She isn't a lolita or onee-san, but a hard worker who's had her share of hardships, so she's just normal-sized for better or worse.
Yachie Kicchou A B The politely impolite,30) intelligent Yakuza boss. Despite being an onee-san type character, she's incredible flat in the source material, so it's rare to see her flourish.
Mayumi Joutouguu B C D E It's hard to tell with the original artwork since she's wearing armor, but it looks like something's there at the very least. Though with fan illustrations, making her chest a bit large is currently leading.
Keiki Haniyasushin C D E Her apron doesn't look like it has any bulging. However, she is a last boss goddess, so people rarely draw her small or flat.
Saki Kurokoma C D E Since her outfit really exposes her chest in the original artwork, people tend to draw her on the larger side. How would you interpret a muscle-brained character?
Touhou Kouryuudou ~ Unconnected Marketeers
Mike Goutokuji B C There is clearly a shadow beneath her chest implicating a size, but she's considered below average due to her childish looks.
Takane Yamashiro A B C D While she is a Yamawaro, she's treated as a pallete swap of Nitori. They also share the same physique.
Sannyo Komakusa B C D E She's often drawn large due to her mature appearance, but there's a limit since she has a kimono on.
Misumaru Tamatsukuri B C D About normal, with two extremes followed by two more to make five, though the chains on her chest could be used for emphasis.31)
Tsukasa Kudamaki A B C Thin in the original, but often exaggerated to fit enticing situations.
Megumu Iizunamaru D E ZUN drew her with an hourglass figure,32) and her official position only reinforces her having large breasts.
Chimata Tenkyuu B C D Her chest size doesn't really stand out, so it's close to normal.
Momoyo Himemushi A B C D E A wide range. She can be flat if you consider her tomboyishness, but can also be large if you consider her personality.
Touhou Gumon Shiki ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
Heida no Akyuu A B C It's probably because she's a pure Japanese woman, but Japanese clothes look better on women with small breasts!
Touhou Kourindou ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia
Rinnosuke Morichika B C D One of the few men in this table, a young man in appearance. For reference, he's a glasses-wearing civilian who doesn't fight or a stubborn man with a large build. Ignoring the extremes, he's just tall with a medium build. Of course, when he becomes Kourin, (ry33)
Tokiko A B C In Touhou Kourindou, she's described as a “little girl”34) and gets illustrated with a lolita body. Among fan illustrators, she's often drawn as petite, probably because she gets drawn with Kourin who is significantly taller.
Touhou Sangetsusei
Sunny Milk A There's no way to warp this perception. It doesn't matter whether milk can come out or not.
Luna Child A Even when shook, there wouldn't be any shaking sounds. She is a child after all…
Star Sapphire A There is just no signs of breasts. Unlike the previous two, there's just nothing to crash into.
Touhou Bougetsushou
Reisen II A B C D She looked quite busty at the start of Touhou Bougetsushou, but became more modest in the latter chapters.
Watatsuki no Yorihime B C D Such obstructions would hinder her sword's swing, but being a princess knight character allows for a range of perceptions unlike a certain other sword user. Most of the elder sisters are drawn modestly, especially compared to Udonge, but there is a theory that she binds her breasts using sarashi.
Watatsuki no Toyohime D E Unlike a certain celestial, this peach has grown quite well. From the “toyo” (豊) in her name35) to onee-san characteristics, she overall has a glamorous body type (not just breasts). However, she isn't as active, so her body is a bit sloppy, but this too is a benefit.
Touhou Ibarakasen ~ Wild and Horned Hermit
Kasen Ibaraki C D E Everyone's lovable pink hermit. She's above Sanae and below Kanako, but rest assured, she has breasts. Also, she's an established onee-san type character, so large breasts are a given. Pink is lewd…
Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
Kosuzu Motoori B C Her bookworm personality, contrast with Mamizou, and friendship with Akyuu have all contributed to her current position.
The Secret Sealing Club / Music CDs
Maribel Hearn C D E The miracle of a blonde-haired foreigner with a sharp mind. Unlike the Japanese Renko, there's a lot of differences that she can show off. In addition, her design is very reminiscent of Yukari.
Renko Usami B C She gets drawn more modestly in contrast to Merry, so she gets frustrated at her partner's boobs. A scientific cutting board.

Note: In order to keep this page up to date, this original chart was last edited on 2022-08-18.

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The five kanji are “mu” (無), “hin” (貧), “fu” (普), “hō” (豊), and “kyo” (巨). In that order, these kanji mean: “none” (flat), “poor” (small), “common” (average-sized), “bountiful” (large), and “enormous” (huge).
The whole mystique around “cup sizes” gets somewhat ruined once you learn about “sister sizing”, which is finding out that a cup size for one band size is a completely different cup on another band size.
3) , 9) , 33)
“(ry” is Japanese internet slang for “ryaku” (略, lit. “abbreviated”), meaning “rest omitted” as the reader should know how the sentence ends. There's no good English equivalent, aside from ellipses.
“Gusa” (グサッ) is the sound of a sharp tool piercing something. For example, a knife piercing into skin.
5) , 11) , 19)
“Pichūn” (ピチューン) is the Touhou Project death noise, but most of you should know, right?
“Murasaki Moyashi” (紫もやし, lit. “Purple Bean Sprouts”) was a fan nickname for Patchouli Knowledge, emphasizing that she rarely goes out, might have asthma, yet has had a suspiciously long life.
“Haru” or “Shun” (春) means “spring”, but can also mean “sexual desire”. “Baishun” (売春, lit. “sell spring”) means “prostitute”, while “haru o uru” (春を売る, lit. “to sell spring”) means “to engage in prostitution”.
There's a known bug in Touhou Youyoumu with the sisters' last spell card, “Spirit Wheel Concerto Grosso” (霊車コンチェルトグロッソ), where Merlin continues moving as if the previous spell card, “Prism Concerto” (プリズムコンチェルト) or “Stygian Riverside” (スティジャンリバーサイド), was still active. The runaway bug has resulted in fans depicting Merlin as a manic or rogue type.
The full sentence is “such a cute girl couldn't possibly be a girl” (こんなかわいい子が女の子のはずがない).
“Okamisuchī” (おかみすちー) is a tag or term that combines Mystia with “okami” (女将) meaning proprietress, landlady, hostess, or mistress. The tag is typically used for illustrations of Mystia dressed in her grilled lamprey stand uniform.
“Hatomune” (鳩胸, lit. “pigeon chest” or “pigeon breast”) is slang for a woman with large breasts.
“Ikemen” (イケメン) is a Japanese term that describes a cool, good-looking man. “Ikemen with boobs” (おっぱいのついたイケメン, Oppai no tsuite Ikimen) is an unusual tag for good-looking women, where boobs may be present but handsomeness is prioritized.
“D89” is a headcanon bra size for Yuuka Kazami. However, this is rendered incorrectly as “bust size and cup” instead of “band size and cup” as you see the former on adult magazines and videos for men. If we assume that her band size is “71 cm” (≈ 28 in) and bust size is “89 cm” (≈ 35 in), her bra size would roughly be around “70D” in JP/EU measurements or “32C” in US measurements.
This is a small digression, but the statements don't line up with the evidence? The evidence actually shows Eiki to be around the same height or even taller than Komachi, so I don't know what these people are even looking at and how they got to these conclusions aside from possible bias.
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This phenomenon is called “π/” or a “pai slash”…
“Momimomi” (もみもみ) is onomatopoeia that describes rubbing, squeezing, or massaging.
“Pattsun” (ぱっつん) is the term for straight-cut bangs.
This is a reference to “Kya Ryu-san” (キャーリューサーン) which is a self-deprecating 2channel story that has to do with the Dragon Knight or “Dragoon” in Final Fantasy XI being seen as just another job.
“Hagoromo” (羽衣) is the feathered kimono that Tennin, often mistranslated as “Celestial”, wear.
“Girl in a box” (箱入り娘, Hakoiri Musume) describes an innocent, naive girl that lived a sheltered life.
“Underground Idol” (地底のアイドル, Chitei no Aidoru) was an old joke that pokes fun at Yamame's profile in Touhou Chireiden saying she's “popular among the underground youkai” (地下の妖怪達の人気者である).
The joke here is that the name “Murasa” sounds like “muramura” (ムラムラ) which is normally translated to horny, lust, or being turned on.
The “Bust Gap Society” (胸囲の格差社会, Kyōi no Kakusa Shakaiki) that is that's used when there's a clear disparity in breast size between two people.
“Tsukumo” (九十九) can be read as “99” (Kyūjūkyū), so you could joke that her bust size is 99cm (≈ 39in) which is pretty big, though we can't calculate the cup size to see how big without the band size.
“Cool beauty” (クールビューティー, kūru byūtī) is a Japasese wasei-eigo term that describes “a beautiful woman with a cold, standoffish atmosphere”.
“Mattaira” (真っ平ら) means flat, while “Okkī” (おっきー) means large. This would get lost in translation.
“Inginburei” (慇懃無礼, lit. “politely impolite”) describes someone who pretends to be polite to be rude.
The exact term used here is “bon-kyu-bon” (ボンキュッボン) which describes a good-looking woman with a huge chest, thin waist, and wide hips. In other words, an hourglass figure.
In Chapter 2 of Touhou Kourindou, she's described as a “little girl” (小さな女の子, chīsana onnanoko).
“Toyo” (豊) is a kanji that means abundant, bountiful, rich, or plentiful.
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