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Meeeeetcha Kawaii

Suuuuuper Cute (めっっっっちゃ可愛い, Meeeeetcha Kawaii)1) is the name of a quadrupedal creature, who resembles Satori Komeiji from Touhou Project, that was illustrated by “Twumi” (トゥーミ) on November 4, 20142)3) and later spawned many variants.


The first illustration, titled “Suuuuuper Cute Satorin”, was illustrated by “Twumi” and uploaded on November 4, 2014.4)5) As for reactions, it has been described as an alpaca, an evolved Osatou Yukkuri, and also compared to certain Pokémon creatures (e.g. Chicorita/Chikorita, Kirinriki/Girafarig). Someone made the first fanart of it,6) then a Koishi Komeiji variant naturally emerged shortly after.7)8)

By November 7, 2014, “Twumi” would ask people to use the “Suuuuuper Cute ○○ Series” (めっっっっちゃ可愛い○○シリーズ, Meeeeetcha Kawaii ○○ Shirīzu) tag9) which was quickly filled with 100+ illustrations by the middle of November. From there, people started using it as their avatar, make MMD models of it,10)11)12) then the tag would later be in a “Pixiv Spotlight” (now “Pixivision”) article.13)

The sokuon resembles an emphasized pause here, so it can be interpreted as “Su…per Cute” (Me…tcha Kawaii), “Suuuuuper Cute” (Meeeeetcha Kawaii), or “Su----per cute” (Me----tcha Kawaii).
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"めっっっっちゃ可愛いさとりん" (November 4, 2014). Niconico Seiga.
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