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Japanese Cursor Setup

This is a brief article that intends to solve the issue of wanting to install a cursor by a Japanese artist, but finding out that all of the .CUR or .ANI files are naturally in Japanese, so I've made the following chart showing what you might see in the filename and their equivalent string in English. As a note, this was done on a Windows 10 computer and assumes that the filenames didn't become mojibake instead.

Japanese text English text
06 テキスト選択 Text Select
03 バックグラウンド作業中 Working In Background
02 ヘルプの選択 Help Select
15 リンク選択 Link Select
10 上下に拡大・縮小 Horizontal Resize
17 人の選択 Person Select
14 代替選択 Alternate Select
08 利用不可 Unavailable
16 場所の選択 Location Select
09 左右に拡大・縮小 Vertical Resize
04 待ち状態 Busy
07 手書き Handwriting
11 斜めに拡大・縮小1 Diagonal Resize 1
12 斜めに拡大・縮小2 Diagonal Resize 2
13 移動 Move
01 通常 Normal Select
05 領域選択 Precision Select
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