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Guilded is a proprietary group-oriented platform which was developed by “Guilded, Inc.”, publicly released on March 16, 2017,1)2) and acquired by Roblox Corporation on August 16, 2021.3)4) It's often billed as a Discord alternative, but this kinda undersells the platform's potential.

Brief history

In the beginning, Guilded was introduced to Reddit5) as a one-stop hub for teams in multiplayer games that wished to coordinate better, coming with its own calendar, forums, recruiting system, etc.6)7)8) The project eventually left beta on May 18, 20209) and slowly became a Discord competitor,10) then Roblox Corporation acquired it on August 16, 202111)12) and everyone sorta just forgot about it after that.


The platform stands out by offering many of Discord's paywalled features for free (e.g. 500 MB upload limit, animated avatars, banners, custom invite links, global animated emotes, stream quality controls, etc.), but they also provide a wide variety of channel types which, again, allows the platform to achieve its goal of being a one-stop hub for communities wishing to coordinate better.

  • Chat - The usual instant messaging channel.
  • Streaming - For screen sharing, video chat, and voice chat.
  • Voice - Voice chat, but with subrooms as well. Quite similar to TeamSpeak.
  • Calendar - For organizing and scheduling events.
  • Scheduling - A tool that lets people provide their availability, very useful for scheduling.
  • Announcement - Blog-like channel for announcements and comments.
  • Forums - You should know what an internet forum is by now.
  • List - It's a to-do list, but people also can also add comments to items on the list.
  • Docs - Presumably for easier file sharing.
  • Media - A gallery-like channel where you can upload media.


  • Regardless of its status, Guilded is still a competitor to Discord nonetheless. Whether it has actually caused Discord into adding or copying new features from Guilded remains up for debate.
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