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Hattoushin Mona no Yuutsu

The Melancholy of Hattoushin Mona (8頭身モナーの憂鬱, Hattōshin Monā no Yūutsu)1) is a brief AA Flash animation and screamer that borrows Hattoushin Mona and >>1-san. It does not have a credited author, though it spans as far back as November 2003.2)


We are introduced to Hattoushin sighing about >>1-san, set to a calming piano tune,3) when >>1-san shows up right in front of him. In response, Hattoushin starts breathing heavily, uttering “haah, haah… today's the day…!” (ハァハァ…、今日こそは…!), then the scene is suddenly interrupted by a scream along with a picture of what appears to be a jagged-teeth zombie with Escher's eyes4) somehow edited onto him.


Hattoushin: *sigh*… >>1-san…
>>1-san enters.
>>1-san: Haah, haah…
Hattoushin: Haah, haah… today's the day…!


  • The animation is roughly 23 seconds long and, given the format, would start automatically.
  • It probably isn't older than September 20015) or newer than November 2003.6)
    • At the time, Haruhi Suzumiya was still a light novel, but it is entirely possible that the animation's name is a parody of the first novel, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • The jumpscare image might possibly stem from the “Isolated Horror Room” (戦慄の隔離部屋, Senritsu no Kakuri Heya), which was a horror-themed GeoCities Japan website.
  • If you're morbidly curious about what the aforementioned jumpscare looks like, you can easily find it by looking up the Japanese filename in Google or looking at the Flash file's thumbnail.
It's called “8頭身モナーの憂鬱” in the Flash file, but may be rendered as “八頭身モナーの憂鬱” instead.
2) , 6)
"8等身モナーの憂鬱" (November 24, 2003). Flash Warehouse.
The brief excerpt, lasting about 20 seconds, is Beethoven's Sonata Pathétique, 2nd movement.
It's believed that the eyes borrow M. C. Escher's singular “Eye” painting from 1946, though the artwork has been distorted, flipped to form the zombie's second eye, and the reflected skull is not visible.
"8頭身のモナーはキモイ" (September 25, 2001). 2channel /mona/.
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