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List of known Rumia voice actors

The list of known Rumia voice actors is a short, self-explanatory list as Touhou Project doesn't feature any voice acting which does allow fans to speculate who would fulfill said roles, but fan projects outside of voice dramas rarely make the effort to recruit voice actors and the rarity is further multiplied by the fact that Rumia is typically not considered a major character by any means.

Source Character voice (CV) Also known for…
Touhou M-1 Grand Prix #3 2008 Rin
Gensokyo for Busy People 2009 Nagase, Emiya
Marisa and Alice's Cookie Kiss☆ 2010 Nadeko
Touhou M-1 Grand Prix #10 2015 Hirayama, Emi
Reika Kitakami (The Idolm@ster Million Live!)
Touhou Cannonball 2019 Ōhashi, Ayaka
Sāya Yamabuki (Bang Dream!)
Uzuki Shimamura (The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls)
Touhou Danmaku Kagura 2021 Tanaka, Tomomi
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