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Everything Rumi Knows

“the 2ch and sjis art shit is the only notable shit [on] the wiki, rest is crap”
– Nameless Rumia

An image of Rumia, which is sort of the namesake. Everything Rumi Knows is a personal wiki that is full of silly notes on internet stuff and nerd shit with spoilers where appropriate. The wiki is managed and written by Nameless Rumia who initially opened it in June 2016, but didn't make it public until mid-2017 since the author hates their own writing sometimes.

This section of the website runs on DokuWiki and hosted under HelioHost when this page was written. It is best viewed on a Firefox-based browser, until font preferences is tampered with. For questions, comments, concerns, and requested changes, please contact the writer or use the anonymous thread.

You may interact with this wiki in any way, but my best articles are the ones about weird internet culture. If you want, return to the front page with this link.

[Note] If you find any “Warning:” messages at the top of the page, this is a problem with the hosting provider's servers. There's nothing that I can do about it on my end.

List of Articles

Touhou Project

⛩️ Touhou Culture * Anti-Touhou * Problems with Touhou Fans

Rumia (Touhou Project)

💕 Rei no Are

📌 Anonymous Bulletin Board



I forgot to write this section.

 _,....,_   ,、
( (O.0) //l_,....,_/l   __
 ゝ、(  |:レ´  `く|  (。..o)
   `' {><}ノノハノ)ノ)  ノノ
     〈ヲ|リ ゚ ヮ゚ノ§ '´   Sleep well.
     {X(*i:E`:';l]つ   ノ|
     ,(ンi_ヲ;:V:>、 (○ノ

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