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Everything Rumia Knows

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Everything Rumia Knows

“the 2ch and sjis art shit is the only notable shit on the wiki, rest is crap”
– Nameless Rumia

An image of Rumia, which is sort of the namesake. Everything Rumia Knows is a personal wiki authored by Nameless Rumia that holds notes on internet junk and other interests with spoilers where appropriate. While it first opened June 27, 2016, it was actually rebuilt and redone a few times before the wiki actually became public around 2017.

The wiki uses DokuWiki with hosting provided by HelioHost when this was written. It's best viewed on a Firefox-based web browser, though most of you probably don't actually care about that. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the wiki, please contact me or use the feedback thread.

You're free to browse through this wiki. I recommend the internet junk if you aren't here to look at boobs. To return to the front page, try this link.

List of Articles

⛩️ Touhou Project (Primary)

🌟 Touhou Project (Secondary)

The Rumia Cluster

💕 Homoneta and Rei no Are

📌 Anonymous Bulletin Boards

🌱 Japanese ASCII Art (AA, SJIS)


This section is an excuse to have ASCII Art at the bottom.

 _,....,_   ,、
( (O.0) //l_,....,_/l   __
 ゝ、(  |:レ´  `く|  (。..o)
   `' {><}ノノハノ)ノ)  ノノ
     〈ヲ|リ ゚ ー.゚ノ§ '´ ___,,.ィ
     {X(:(m)_:';l]つ‐‐‐/_ _,ノ|
     rく:i_ヲ;:V:>、‐‐く    ノ
     `^'i_フ'i_ヲ´    `(*)´

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